House Under the Ground
1996    5 in the Morning
1997    Number One
1997    Bad Idea
1998    Foghorn
1998    Summer on the Underground
1998    Sing-a-Long
1998    How Ace Are Buildings
1999    Old Folks
1999    I Love Lake Tahoe
1999    A vs. Monkey Kong
2000    Exit Stage Right
2002    Hi-Fi Serious
2002    Nothing
2002    Something's Going On
2002    Starbucks
2003    Good Time
2005    Rush Song
2005    Better Off With Him
2005    Teen Dance Ordinance

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members    Adam Perry ("The Yin"; A-member and Bloodhound Gang support)
Daniel P. Carter
Giles Perry (Keyboards/Backing Vocals for A)
Jason Perry
John Mitchell (UK guitarist, vocalist and songwriter (It Bites, Arena))
Mark Chapman