Billy Bragg


   No Pop - No Style - Strictly Roots
   2006-07-16: Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival, Dorset, UK
   1987-03-07: Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand
   Mermaid Avenue Demos
1983    Life's a Riot With Spy vs. Spy
1984    Brewing Up With Billy Bragg
1985    Life's a Riot / Between the Wars
1985    Between the Wars
1985    Days Like These
1986    Levi Stubbs' Tears
1986    Talking With the Taxman About Poetry
1986    Greetings to the New Brunette
1987    Back to Basics
1988    Help Save the Youth of America
1988    Workers Playtime
1990    The Internationale
1991    You Woke Up My Neighbourhood
1991    Live: Limited Edition
1991    Sexuality
1991    Don't Try This at Home
1991    You Woke Up My Neighbourhood
1991    The Peel Session Album
1992    Accident Waiting to Happen
1992    Live in Canada
1992    Big Mouth Strikes Again
1993    Victim of Geography
1996    William Bloke
1996    Upfield
1996    Still Looking for a New England
1997    The Boy Done Good / Sugar Daddy
1997    Bloke on Bloke
1998    She Came Along to Me
1998    Mermaid Avenue
1998    Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
1999    Reaching to the Converted
2000    Mermaid Avenue, Volume II
2002    Going to a Party Way Down South
2003    Must I Paint You a Picture? The Essential Billy Bragg
2006    2006 Reissue Sampler, Volume 2
2006    Volume II
2006    Volume I
2006    Live at the Barbican
2006    2006 Reissue Sampler
2008    Mr Love & Justice
2008    I Keep Faith
2010    Six Songs From Pressure Drop
2011    Fight Songs
2012    Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions

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member of    Billy Bragg and The Blokes
Bingo Hand Job
Riff Raff (UK punk band)
collaborator on    CAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE



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