1996    Offshore
1996    Offshore EP #1
1997    Sunstroke
1997    Far From the Maddening Crowds
1997    Lost You Somewhere
1998    Red Skies
1998    Strong in Love
1999    Saltwater
1999    Chilled
2000    Don't Give Up
2000    Behind the Sun
2000    Autumn Tactics
2000    No Ordinary Morning / Halcyon
2000    Live at the Palladium
2000    Best Hits and Remixes
2001    Visions of Ibiza: Compiled by Chicane
2003    Love on the Run
2003    Locking Down
2003    Onshore
2003    Easy to Assemble
2003    Daylight / Locking Down
2004    Don't Give Up 2004
2006    Stoned in Love
2007    Somersault
2007    Come Tomorrow
2008    The Best Of: 1996-2008
2009    Bruised Water
2009    Poppiholla
2009    Bruised Water
2009    Hiding All the Stars
2010    Giants
2010    Come Back
2010    Leaving Town
2011    Thousand Mile Stare
2012    One Thousand Suns

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legal name    Nick Bracegirdle



Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield   
Chicane feat. Máire Brennan   
Chicane feat. Máire Brennan of Clannad   
Chicane feat. Bryan Adams   
Chicane feat. Natasha Bedingfield   
Chicane feat. Jewel   
Chicane feat. Tom Jones   
Chicane feat. Keane   
Chicane feat. Peter Cunnah   
Chicane feat. Moya Brennan   
Chicane feat. Mason   
Chicane feat. Salt Tank   
Chicane feat. Maire Brennan of Clannad   
Chicane with Power Circle   
Chicane feat. Power Circle   
Chicane feat. Mairé Brennan   
Coldplay vs. Chicane vs. Michael Woods   
Chicane feat. Kate Walsh   
Chicane feat. Adam Young   
Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield   
Chicane With Power Circle   
Chicane featuring Bryan Adams   
Chicane feat. Kate Walsh   
Chicane & Ferry Corsten   
Chicane feat. Marie Brennan   
Chicane feat. Espiritu   
Chicane feat. Maire Brennan