Deep Purple


   Golden Collection
   The Ultimate Gold Collection
   Smoke on the Water: Live USA
   Golden Ballads 1968–1993
   1985-06-22: Black Night: Knebworth, UK
   Live in Montreux 2006
   1973-02-18: Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, UK
   1998-06-17: A Band on Tour
   BBC Stew
   1993-12-05: Live in Japan: Yokohama, Japan
   1970-11-12: Stockholm, Sweden
   Purple Passages
   The Best of Deep Purple
   Golden Ballads
   1973-06-25: Destroyed the Arena: Tokyo, Japan
   1974-09-18: High Ball Shooter: Bremen, Germany
   Smoke on the Water
   1996-03-30: Purple Rose of Hanau
   Platinum: The Ultimate Collection
   Smoke on the Water (The Best Of)
   1972-02-20: Wolverhampton
   The Best
   20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Deep Purple
   A String Thing for Vienna
   Smoke on the Water
   Purple Chronicle
   Live at the Forum (Inglewood)
   Soldier of Fortune: The Greatest Hits
   Live in Denmark '72
   1973-06-29: Final Truckin': Kosei Nenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan
   Live in Japan 1993
   1969-08-24: In Perfect Harmony: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
   The Best of Deep Purple
   Smoke on the Water & Other Hits
   1974-06: California Earthquake: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
   Smoke on the Water
   Live in California 1974
   The Deep Purple Family Album
   Rotterdam '91
   Best Selection
   Deep Purple - Best Ballads
   Flying in a Purple Dream
1968    Shades of Deep Purple
1968    The Book of Taliesyn
1969    Deep Purple
1970    Black Night / Speed King
1970    Deep Purple in Rock
1971    Strange Kind of Woman
1971    Danish Yodel - Beware
1971    Fireball
1971    1971-04-07: Oldenburg, Germany
1972    Machine Head
1972    Made in Japan
1973    Mark I&II
1973    Who Do We Think We Are
1974    Stormbringer
1974    Burn
1975    Come Taste the Band
1975    24 Carat Purple
1977    Last Concert in Japan
1977    Powerhouse
1978    When We Rock, We Rock and When We Roll, We Roll
1980    Deepest Purple: The Very Best of Deep Purple
1980    The Deep Purple Singles A's & B's
1980    The Deep Purple Singles
1982    Live in London
1984    Perfect Strangers
1985    Greatest Purple
1985    Best (Super Star Hit Collection, Volume 15)
1987    The House of Blue Light
1988    Scandinavian Nights
1988    Nobody's Perfect
1989    1969-08-24: Ritchie's Blues: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1989    New, Live and Rare
1989    Дым над водой
1990    King of Dreams
1990    Slaves and Masters
1990    Love Conquers All
1990    Black Night - Best
1991    In the Absence of Pink: Knebworth 85
1991    The Compact Disc Anthology
1992    Rarities 1967–1991
1992    Black Night Over Europe
1992    Live and Rare
1992    Knocking at Your Back Door: The Best of Deep Purple in the 80's
1993    The Battle Rages On...
1993    Smoke on the Water
1993    1973-01-17: Mary Lose Gear in Fire: Hamburg, Germany
1993    Singles A's and B's
1993    Progression
1993    Hush
1994    On Stage: Highway Star
1994    1994-07-01: Fireball Over Madrid: Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid, Spain
1994    Smoke on the Water: The Best of
1994    Come Hell or High Water
1995    1995-03-04: Rare Traxx: Sunrise Musical Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
1995    Black Night
1995    Child in Time

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