1995    For Those of Us on Foot
1995    The Return of the Wood M'Lady
1997    The Man, The King, The Girl
1998    Come See the Duck
1999    Holdypaws
2001    Halfbird
2001    My Pal Foot Foot
2002    Reveille
2002    C
2003    Apple O'
2004    Milk Man
2004    Bibidi Babidi Boo
2005    Green Cosmos
2005    Se Piangi, Se Ridi / Strawberry Bananas
2005    The Runners Four
2006    The Perfect Me
2006    +81
2006    Untitled E.P.
2007    Friend Opportunity
2007    [untitled]
2007    Matchbook Seeks Maniac (Dedication mix) / Makko Shobu
2008    Offend Maggie
2009    Custom Made
2011    Super Duper Rescue Heads!
2011    Deerhoof vs. Evil
2011    99% Upset Feeling
2012    Breakup Song

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members    Chris Cohen (Deerhoof member, and indie artist)
Greg Saunier
John Dieterich
Kelly Goode
Rob Fisk
Satomi (Japanese R&B singer)



Deerhoof / of Montreal   
Deerhoof with of Montreal   
Deerhoof / David Bazan   

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