Ernest John Moeran
Moeran: Symphony in G Minor; Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra; Overture for a Masque (Ulster Orchestra feat. conductor: Vernon Handley, piano: Margaret Fingerhut)

CD 1
#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Symphony in G minor: I. Allegro 13:48
2 Symphony in G minor: II. Lento 13:08
3 Symphony in G minor: III. Vivace 5:06
4 Symphony in G minor: IV. Lento - Allegro Molto 14:36
5 Overture to a Masque 9:41
6 Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra in F-Sharp Major 17:42
Total time 74:01

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Chandos 095115116920
2004, United Kingdom, English, CD

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