Funker Vogt


   Final Thrill
1996    Thanks for Nothing
1997    Words of Power
1997    We Came to Kill
1997    Take Care!
1998    Killing Time Again
1998    Execution Tracks
1998    Tragic Hero
1999    The Remix Wars, Strike 4
2000    Gunman
2000    Maschine Zeit
2000    T
2001    Subspace
2001    Code7477
2002    Survivor
2002    Date of Expiration
2003    Red Queen
2003    Revivor
2004    Always and Forever, Volume 1
2005    Fallen Hero
2005    Navigator
2006    Always and Forever, Volume 2
2007    Club Pilot
2007    Aviator
2009    Warzone K17: Live in Berlin
2010    Arising Hero
2010    Blutzoll

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Funker Vogt   

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