Death Disco
   Vanilla Girl
   2002-05-09: The Riviera, Chicago, IL, USA
   Live Trash
   1995-11-25: Litter from America: Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
   1998-06-20: Loreley Festival, Germany
   The Trip
   2001-10-16: United Center, Chicago, IL, USA
   1995-12-06: WMRQ Holiday Show, The Sting, New Britain, CT, USA
   The G-Side Collection
   1999-07-01: Princess St. Gardens, Edinburgh, UK
   Hit Singles
   2002-10-30: Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, FL, USA
   La Route du Rock 1996
   The Best 98
   Rock Stars: Live at Sjsu
   Trash & Burn
   Complete Garbage
   Extraneous 1995 - 2001
   Extraneous 2001 - 2005
   Launch No. 23
   Golden Collection 2000
   Almost Acoustic Christmas
1995    Subhuman
1995    Garbage
1995    Vow
1995    Only Happy When It Rains
1995    Queer
1996    #1 Crush
1996    Milk
1996    Sounds From Satellite 6
1996    Stupid Girl
1996    In the Can
1998    I Think I'm Paranoid
1998    Version 2.0
1998    Daily Garbage
1998    Temptation Waits
1998    Special
1998    Independent Access
1998    Warfield Theatre, San Fransicso, CA
1998    Push It
1998    When I Grow Up
1999    The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
1999    The World Is Not Enough
1999    You Look So Fine
1999    Garbage '99
2001    Cherry Lips
2001    Androgyny
2001    beautifulgarbage
2001    Maximum Garbage: The Unauthorised Biography of Garbage
2002    Breaking Up the Girl
2002    Shut Your Mouth
2005    Sex Is Not the Enemy
2005    Re-Cycled
2005    Run Baby Run
2005    2005-03-29: L'Olympia, Paris, France
2005    Why Do You Love Me
2005    Bleed Like Me
2007    Tell Me Where It Hurts
2007    Absolute Garbage
2008    Garbage / Version 2.0
2012    Not Your Kind of People
2012    Blood for Poppies

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