Herbert Howells
Orchestral Works, Volume 2 (London Symphony, Richard Hickox)

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1 Suite for Orchestra "The B's": I. Overture: Bublum 10:04
2 Suite for Orchestra "The B's": II. Lament: Bartholomew 7:39
3 Suite for Orchestra "The B's": III. Scherzo: Blissy 2:43
4 Suite for Orchestra "The B's": IV. Mazurka alias Minuet: Bunny 3:40
5 Suite for Orchestra "The B's": V. March: Benjee 8:25
6 Three Dances for Violin and Orchestra: I. Giocoso molto (feat. violin Lydia Mordkovitch) 5:32
7 Three Dances for Violin and Orchestra: II. Quasi lento, quieto (feat. violin Lydia Mordkovitch) 6:57
8 Three Dances for Violin and Orchestra: III. Molto allegro (feat. violin Lydia Mordkovitch) 2:08
9 In Green Ways: I. Under the Greenwood Tree (feat. soprano Yvonne Kenny) 1:48
10 In Green Ways: II. The Goat Paths (feat. soprano Yvonne Kenny) 8:13
11 In Green Ways: III. Merry Margaret (feat. soprano Yvonne Kenny) 2:45
12 In Green Ways: IV. Wanderer's Night Song (feat. soprano Yvonne Kenny) 4:23
13 In Green Ways: V. On the Merry First of May (feat. soprano Yvonne Kenny) 1:05
Total time 65:20

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