2004    Kiss and Swallow
2004    Your Joy Is My Low
2004    I Am X
2004    Kiss + Swallow
2004    Missile
2005    Your Joy Is My Low
2006    President / Spit It Out
2006    The Alternative
2006    Spit It Out
2007    Nightlife
2008    IAMIXED
2008    Live in Warsaw
2008    The Alternative
2008    Think of England
2008    President
2009    Tear Garden
2009    My Secret Friend
2009    Kingdom of Welcome Addiction
2010    Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
2011    Volatile Times
2011    Ghosts of Utopia
2011    Fire and Whispers
2011    Bernadette
2011    Cold Red Light
2011    Volatile Times
2012    The Unified Field / Quiet the Mind

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