J.S. Bach
Bach: Inventions and Sinfonias (Capella Antiqua Munchen; Ruhland)

#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Laetabundus Exsultet Fidelis Chorus (Sequence for Christmas, Third Mass) 0:00
2 Stans a Longe Publicanus (Antiphon, Sequence of the Publican - 10th Sunday After Pentecost) 0:00
3 Zima Vetus Expurgetur (Easter Sequence) 0:00
4 Summi Triumphum Regis (Sequence for the Ascension) 0:00
5 Dies Irae, Dies Illa (Sequence From the Mass for the Dead) 0:00
6 Rex Caeli, Domine Maris (Musica Enchiriadis) 0:00
Total time 0:00

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