June Tabor


1976    Airs and Graces
1977    Ashes and Diamonds
1980    A Cut Above
1983    Abyssinians
1988    Aqaba
1989    Some Other Time
1990    Freedom and Rain
1991    Freedom and Rain Tour '91 Sampler
1992    Angel Tiger
1993    Anthology
1994    Against the Streams
1996    Singing the Storm
1997    Aleyn
1998    On Air
1999    A Quiet Eye
2001    Rosa Mundi
2003    An Echo of Hooves
2003    The Definitive Collection
2005    Always
2005    At the Wood's Heart
2007    Apples
2011    Ragged Kingdom
2011    Ashore

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collaborator on    Maddy Prior & June Tabor (Silly Sisters)



June Tabor   
June Tabor & Martin Simpson   
Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor & Danny Thompson   
June Tabor & The Oyster Band   
June Tabor & Mark Emerson   
Martin Carthy & June Tabor   
June Tabor and The Oyster Band   
June Tabor & Oysterband   
June Tabor with Martin Simpson   
Maddy Prior & June Tabor   
Oysterband with Eliza Carthy, The Handsome Family, Ben Ivitsky, Jim Moray, James O'Grady, Show of Hands & June Tabor   
John Jones, Steve Knightley & June Tabor