Keith Rowe


1990    A Dimension of Perfectly Ordinary Reality
1998    Dial: Log-Rhythm
2000    Afternoon Tea
2000    With Hidden Noise
2001    Grain
2001    Weather Sky
2002    Flypaper
2002    The Difference Between a Fish
2002    Ajar
2003    Duos for Doris
2003    Rabbit Run
2004    Honey Pie
2004    A View From the Window
2005    Fibre
2005    [untitled]
2006    Between
2006    Debris Field Ambient Wash
2006    Squire
2006    Tensions
2007    The Room
2008    [untitled]
2009    Contact
2011    Φ
2012    Christian Wolff / Keith Rowe

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