Marit Bergman


2002    To Brazil
2002    3.00 A.M. Serenades
2002    This Is the Year
2003    From Now On
2003    It Would Have Been Good
2004    Adios Amigos
2004    Can I Keep Him? EP
2004    Baby Dry Your Eye
2004    I Will Always Be Your Soldier
2006    Eyes Were Blue
2006    No Party
2006    I Think It's a Rainbow
2007    Mama, I Remember You Now
2008    1985
2008    We're Not Gonna Take This
2009    Dripping
2009    Halo
2009    The Glory of It All
2009    The Tear Collector
2009    Stay 'til It's Over
2009    Tony
2009    Bang Bang

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legal name    Liv-Marit Bergman
member of    Candysuck
Chihuahua (Swedish band)
My Orchards



Marit Bergman   
Carola & Marit Bergman   
Kleerup feat. Marit Bergman