Maurice Ravel
Classics Explained: An Introduction to Ravel (Written and Narrated by Jeremy Siepmann)

1: Boléro
#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Introduction; Cue to Unadorned Bolero Rhythm, Part I 2:29
2 Bolero Rhythm, Part 2: An Extended Variation of, Part I 0:08
3 'Motto' Rhythm Complete (Instrumentation Will Change on Each New Hearing) 0:22
4 But Here We Have Snare Drums and Plucked Violas and Cellos 0:23
5 Section 1: Introduction of 'the Theme' (The Only One in the Piece) By Solo Flute 0:37
6 Flute continues with Part 2 of theme 0:49
7 Section 2: Complete Statement of Theme by Clarinet as Flute Joins 'Motto' Group 1:30
8 Introduction of 'Discordant' Harp Into the Unfolding Picture 0:18
9 Section 3: Bassoon Introduces Closely Related Variant of Theme 0:34
10 ... but Then Veers Upwards, Slowing Rhythm and Introducting New Syncopation 0:59
11 Section 4: 'Petite' E Flat Clarinet Takes Over Theme, Including Variants 1:21
12 Section 5: Oboe D'Amore Takes Over Theme but Returns to Its Original Form 1:34
13 Section 6: Theme Now Shared by Two Instruments: Muted Trumpet and Flute 1:16
14 Section 7: Tenor saxophone takes Theme as trumpet replaces horn in 'motto' 1:40
15 Section 8: Theme Taken by Soprano Saxophone, 'Espressivo' 1:09
16 Section 9: Theme: Celeste, Piccolos and Horn; Motto: Flute and French Horn 1:25
17 Section 10: Theme: Oboes, Horns, Clarinets; Motto: Plucked Violas and Violins 2:06
18 Section 11: Theme Taken by First Trombone, Complete With Jazzy Slides 1:40
19 Section 12: Theme: Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Sax; Motto: Bassoons, Horns, Trumpets 1:14
20 Section 13: Violins at Last Take the Main Tune, Joining Massed Winds 1:14
21 Section 14: Violins Divide Into Four Groups, Each 'Double-Stopping' 1:04
22 Section 15: Trumpet, Trombone 2 and Tuba Join the Foreground 1:18
23 Section 16: First Trombone and Soprano Saxophone 'Rejoin' Theme 0:56
24 Section 17: Fortissimo; All Strings 'Double-Stopping'; Trumpets Added 1:26
25 Section 18: Entire Orchestra Now Employed, 'as Loudly as Possible' 1:18
26 Section 19: Sudden, Amazing Change of Key, Lurching From C to E Major 1:21
27 Section 20: Key Now Lurches Back to C, as Jazzy Trombones Whiningly Protest 0:37
28 Cue to Complete Performance 0:20
29 Boléro (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 16:19
Total time 47:29
2: Ma mère l'oye
#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Opening Figure on Flute; Rising, Falling, and Then Repeated 1:05
2 Same Again, With Emphasis on Delicacy of Scoring 0:30
3 Answering Variant, Accompanied by Plucked Double Basses 0:20
4 Reminder of Opening Figure 0:18
5 ... and Now Its Rhythmical Mirror Image, or Almost... 0:13
6 Answering Phrase 2: A Near-Inversion, Over "James Bond" Accompaniment 0:41
7 Pivotal Phrase 3, Reversing Direction but Keeping Rhythm of Phrase 2 0:46
8 Reprise of Phrases 1 and 2, but With New Accompaniment 0:40
9 Further Reprise of Phrase 2, Now on Violin, Accompanied by Harp 0:41
10 Ma mère l'oye: I. Pavane de la belle au bois dormante (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 1:37
11 Introduction; Opening, With Multi-Metre Rising Scales From Muted Violins 0:49
12 Changes of Metre Continue as Solo Oboe Introduces Theme One 0:24
13 Oboe Yields to Cor Anglais for Theme Two, Against Lower (Still Muted) Strings 0:45
14 Theme One Returns, Shared by Clarinet and Flute; Muted Horn Added to Accompaniment 0:25
15 "Motto" Rhythm Dominates as Intensity Increases From Lower Strings to Full Orchestra 0:47
16 Fear Subsides as Theme Two Returns, Again in Cor Anglais but Now in a Different Key 0:32
17 Sensational Sound Effects Evoke a Wood at Night, With Screeches, Cuckooing etc. 0:44
18 Texture Thins; Theme One Returns, Delicately Scored for Strings and Piccolo 0:19
19 The Main Part of Movement Ends, With Waltz-Like March(!) (feat. Flute) 0:29
20 Ma mère l'oye: II. Petit poucet (Tom Thumb) E (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 3:17
21 Introduction; Opening (Introductory) Bars, Followed by Theme One 2:00
22 Oriental-Orchestral Equivalent of an Imperial Telephone Bell 0:16
23 ... Oboe "Answers" With a Very Slightly Varied Version of Theme One 0:15
24 Expanded Derivative of the "Telephone Bell" Interrupts the Theme Again 1:00
25 Fragments of Theme in Flutes and Cor Anglais, With "James Bond" Tag in Violins 0:24
26 "Gamelan" Music From Flute and Piccolo, Accompanied by Harp, Xylophone and Strings 0:32
27 Arrival of Empress; Upper Strings Yield to Winds, Celeste, Harp And (Very Discreet) Gong 0:48
28 Ma mère l'oye: III. Laideronette, Impératrice des pagodese (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 3:34
29 Opening, Waltz Theme From Clarinet, With Important Downward Scale Figure in Strings 0:51
30 Characteristic Pattern of Two Short Phrases Answered by a Long One 0:37
31 Clarinet, Flutes and Violas, With "Sighing" Figure Derived From Downward String Motif 0:21
32 Varied Reprise of Opening, Entry of the "Beast" (Contra-Bassoon); "Watch It! Watch It!" 0:32
33 Again the "Beast" Growls; Again the Cautious Warning "Watch It!" From the Winds 0:40
34 Derivative of Beauty's Theme From Flute, Combined With "Caution Motif" in Strings 0:38
35 "Beast's Theme" Rises in Pitch With Each Successive "Growl" (Representing Hope?) 0:53
36 "Beauty", "Beast" and "Caution" Motifs All Combine Simultaneously 1:12
37 "Beast" (Contra-Bassoon) Climbs Ever Higher, Handing Over to Bassoon Proper 0:49
38 Harp's Upward Glide Heralds the Moment of Transformation; Love Song, Fear, Release 2:10
39 Ma mère l'oye: IV. Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 4:12
40 Introduction; Opening Bars Are Unfurled by the Strings Alone 0:41
41 The Rhythmic Basis, and Its Guises. First, a Question: "Where Went My Childhood?" 1:24
42 The Question Intensified: "Oh Where Went... My Childhood?" 0:15
43 The Answer, With a Falling Inflection: "Gone Is Your Childhood." 0:21
44 The Plea: "Bring Back My Childhood!" 0:14
45 The Response: "Seek In... Your Mem'ry. There It... Will Be." 0:25
46 Ravel's Use of Tone Colour to Change the Feeling of the Music 0:49
47 Further Illustration of the Same Point 0:27
48 Continued 1:45
49 The Nobility of the Strings 0:45
50 Bells Evoked by French Horns; The Final, Opulent, Moving Climax of the Whole Suite 1:12
51 Ma mère l'oye: V. Le jardin féerique (Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Kenneth Jean) 3:58
Total time 49:23

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