Roger Taylor


   Strange Tracks
1977    I Wanna Testify
1981    Future Management
1981    Fun in Space
1981    My Country
1984    Strange Frontier
1984    Strange Frontier
1984    Man on Fire
1993    Live Cowdray Ruins 1993
1994    Nazis 1994
1994    Happiness?
1994    Happiness
1994    Foreign Sand
1998    Electric Fire
1998    Pressure On
1999    Surrender
2005    Seldom Heard
2009    The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)

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member of    Queen (UK rock group)
Queen + Paul Rodgers
Smile (Predecessor band to Queen)
The Cross (side project of Queen's Roger Taylor)
collaborator on    Rock Aid Armenia



Roger Taylor   
Roger Taylor & YOSHIKI   
Roger Taylor & John Deacon