Sarah Àlainn

#    Title    Time    Info  
1 New World 4:31
2 Angel 4:09
3 涙のアリア 3:29
4 Riverdance / Drowsy Maggie 4:55
5 Pie Jesu 3:26
6 君をのせて 3:48
7 いのり (feat. Toshiaki Matsumoto) 5:13
8 To Love You More 4:58
9 Caruso 4:11
10 Appassionato 3:54
11 To Far Away Times 4:34
12 Venetian Glass 3:51
13 Shadows Of Time 6:03
14 The Final Time Traveler (Studio LIVE ver.) 3:50
15 O Holy Night (with Vienna Boys' Choir) 6:44
Total time 67:31

Did you know?

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