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#    Title    Time    Info  
1 遥かなすぐ近くに 4:29
2 夏のラジオ(ALBUM version) 5:17
3 一枚の葉 5:12
4 誓い〜God bless our love 5:15
5 ハリネズミ 4:48
6 君にしかできないこと 4:40
7 ここにいる理由(わけ) 10:48
8 Hello Odyssey 5:31
Total time 40:27

Did you know?

Did you know that classics rule? The Top 100 of all words used in track names has a bunch of words, that are related to classic, starting with ALLEGRO which is on 11th place. All allegro of our collection


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