The Cure


   The Cure in Orange
   Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me B-Sides
   2005-08-20: Taormina, Italy
   Intimately - Live Acoustic Paris La Scène (23-11-2001)
   MTV Unplugged
   1981-07-27: Los Angeles, CA, USA
   Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc
   Slashed With Lipstick
   Unplugged and More
   The Complete B-Side Collection 1987-1992
   2001-11-23: La Scene, Paris, France
   1990-07-06: Never Enough: Leysin, Switzerland
   1986-06-21: Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Glastonbury, UK
   Alternative Rarities 1988-1989
   Stained Glass Smile
   1984-11-15: Cold: Washington, DC, USA
   2001-10-26: Le Reservoir, Paris, France
   Razor Rare, Volume 2: Remixes
   1981-06-03: Metropol, Berlin, Germany
   1981-07-05: Werchter Rock Festival, Belgium
   The Funeral Party Now Began: Australia, 1980
   The Robert Smith Interviews, Volume 2
   The Swing Tour '96 Barcelona
   Full Moon Concert
   Imaginary Songs
   1984-05-30: Maaspoort, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
   2002-07-13: Zillo Festival
   The Peel Sessions (1979-05-16)
   2006-04-01: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
   Carnage Visors / Curiosity Anomalies
   Early Symptoms: The Demos
   Digging in the Dirt
   Inbetween Days
   1984-10-17: Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
   2002-07-20: Les Vieilles Charrues, France
   The Peel Sessions (1980-03-10)
   2002-11-09: Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany
   Carnage Dream
   1991-01-24: MTV Unplugged, MTV Studios, London, UK
   2000-02-03: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
   Strange Attraction
   Rarities and Demos
   The Peel Sessions (1981-01-15)
   These Flowers Will Always Die
   The Kissing Tour 1987
   Razor Rare, Volume 9: Live
   Happy Halloween NYC
   The Peel Sessions (1982-01-04)
   Bite the Big Apple
   The Complete B-Side Collection 1979-1989
   Ultratraxx presents The Cure: The Ultratraxx Remixe
   2004-06-23: Milan, Italy
   The Peel Sessions (1985-08-07)
   The 1985 European Tour
   À l’Olympia, Paris 7.6.1982
   1996-05-07: Get Wild: Live in London: Adrenaline Village, London, UK
   Best Of
   1988: Sweet Torture: Santa Barbara, CA, USA
   The Dark Trilogy Concert
   Razor Rare, Volume 1: Remixes
   Play for Radio
   2000-02-25: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
   A Walk With the Cure
   We Hate Rock 'n Roll
   Killer Cure
   Interview CD: Lips That Speak…
1978    Killing an Arab
1979    Jumping Someone Else’s Train
1979    Grinding Halt
1979    Three Imaginary Boys
1979    Boys Don’t Cry
1980    Seventeen Seconds
1980    Boys Don’t Cry
1980    A Forest
1981    Faith
1981    Happily Ever After
1981    Charlotte Sometimes
1981    Primary
1982    Pornography
1982    Let’s Go to Bed
1982    A Single
1983    The Lovecats
1983    The Walk
1983    Japanese Whispers
1984    Concert: The Cure Live
1984    The Caterpillar
1984    Concert: The Cure Live / Curiosity: Cure Anomalies 1977-1984
1984    The Top
1985    Arabian Dream
1985    Close to Me
1985    In Between Days
1985    Half an Octopuss
1985    A Night Like This
1985    The Head on the Door
1986    Standing on a Beach: The Singles
1986    Boys Don’t Cry
1987    Catch
1987    Why Can't I Be You?

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