The Prodigy


   Poisoned Acid Dancer
   The Fat Mixes
   Singles Remix
   The Extacy of Violence
   Best and Crazy
   Unpublished Singles Collection
   The Remix Experience, Part 3
   Extended Fire
   Spontaneous Human Combustion
   The Best
   Psychedelic Voodoo People
   Everlasting Fire
   Breathtakin' Fire
   1992-04-24: The Eclipse, Norwich, UK
   Only for the Headstrong
   2004-10-01: Lycabettus Theatre, Athens, Greece
   Out of Space (The Very Best)
   The Remix Experience, Part 1
   1997: Brixton Academy, London, UK
   Dangerous Liasons
   The Fat of Kåren: Live in Sweden
   Music for the Bootleg Generation
   Live in Osaka
   The Remix Experience, Part 2
   Live in Melbourne 2002
1991    Everybody in the Place
1991    What Evil Lurks
1991    Charly
1992    Fire / Jericho
1992    Out of Space
1992    Experience
1992    Charly / Everybody in the Place
1993    Wind It Up (US Remixes)
1993    One Love
1993    Wind It Up (Rewound)
1994    Music for the Jilted Generation
1994    No Good (Start the Dance)
1994    Voodoo People
1995    Selected Mixes for the Jilted Generation
1995    Poison
1995    1995: Live in Athens, Greece
1996    The Singles
1996    The Prodigy on Tour: Music for the Voodoo Crew
1996    Pyromaniac
1996    Breathe
1996    Firestarter
1996    1996: Exeter University, UK
1997    Committing Arson
1997    Rare Trax: The Super Collection
1997    The Singles
1997    Techno Punks (live at The Point, Dublin, 1995-12-31)
1997    The Fat of the Land
1997    Smack My Bitch Up
1997    The Rest, The Unreleased! The Last!
1997    Singles Collection
1998    The Mud of the Land
1998    Funky Shit
1999    Hit Singles Collection
1999    The Dirtchamber Sessions, Volume One
2000    Ultra Rare Trax
2002    Baby's Got a Temper
2004    Always Outsiders, Never Outdone: Prodigy Remixed
2004    Girls
2004    Girls / Memphis Bells
2004    Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
2004    Smack My Bitch Up / Voodoo People (Remixes)
2004    Remixes From the Jilted Generation
2004    Hot Ride
2005    Voodoo People (Pendulum remix)
2005    Voodoo People / Smack My Bitch Up
2005    Voodoo People / Out of Space
2005    Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005
2005    Spitfire
2005    Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005
2008    Invaders Must Die
2009    Remixers Must Die
2009    Take Me to the Hospital
2009    Warrior’s Dance
2009    Invaders Must Die
2009    Invaders Must Die / Thunder Remixes
2009    Omen
2011    World's on Fire
2012    Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia remix) / Breathe (Zeds Dead remix)
2012    Smack My Bitch Up (Major Lazer remix)
2012    The Added Fat EP

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