Various Artists


   Piano concerto in A minor Op. 16 / Op. 54 (Dubravka Tomsic, Marian Lubsansky, Dubravka Tomsic)
   The Best of 60's & 70's Rock: Protest Rock
   Classic Masterpieces, Volume 1 (Ukrainian Symphony feat. conductor: Peter Machevski)
   The Greatest Hits of the 70's
   Táncdalfesztivál '68 & '69 - Tessék választani! '70
   Blues N Soul Greats 4
   Classic Songs From World War II, Volume 1: Kiss the Boys Goodbye
   Reader's Digest: Candlelight Classics
   Hits of the 60s, Volume 1
   Let the Games Begin Stadium Series, Part 3
   Big Night
   Shine On, Volume 2
   Tokimeki Memorial 3 Moegi no ongaku dayori -Dai 1 shu-
   Sensual Classics, Too
   DCM Sydney, Volume 3
   Mc Music 16
   Hev. E. Components: Part 4
   More Gold, Volume 2
   Plastic Compilation, Volume 5
   Kampftrinker Hits, Volume 2
   Most Wanted Music 12
   Mucho Mambo
   Alive in the 90's
   Famous Adagios
   Best of Hungary: Bravissimo, Volume 6
   Silly Songs
   World Network 44: Peru
   All Stars Disco 1&2
   Monster Ballads, Volume 2
   Ezek a fiatalok
   Magic of the Panpipes
   The Wackiest Album in the Universe
   Best of Disco
   Toys I make, Trips I take
   Naciones Celtas III Omega
   Disco Queens: The '80s
   Jetzt oder Nie!
   Tolcsvay testvérek
   Favorite Classics / London Symphony Orchestra
   Most Wanted Irish
   Remember the 70s
   The Cream of Irish Folk
   Narancsfül különszám 1996
   100% Pure Rock
   Rock the Planet: Comin' Together
   Guitar Speak 3
   MetroTech 7
   The Greatest Reggae Album of All Time
   Caribe 2000
   Highlands III
   Hits del Pop 2001
   Feast on Tucson
   A Szívemmel Látlak - Húsz Népszerű Sanzon
   Famous Spanish Guitar Music (Pepe Romero)
   VH1: 8-Track Flashback: The One-Hit Wonders
   All-Time Great Instrumental Hits, Volume 1
   KissFM Flashback: Best of Love
   Surge 2001
   Stars'n dreams
   Bomb Anniversary Collection: 1991-2001
   Only Rock 'n' Roll 1970-1974
   Feel Like Makin' Love
   Husa, Copland, Vaughan Williams, Hindemith (Eastman Wind Ensemble)
   Cornerstones: Sony Legacy CD Sampler
   Exitos del año
   All-Time Great Instrumental Hits, Volume 2
   Women & Songs 4
   Jazz Greats
   Rhapsodies: Liszt, Enescu, Wagner, Smetana (feat. conductor: Stokowski)
   Trancespotting 3
   Only Rock 'n' Roll 1980-1984
   Sound Offerings from Zimbabwe
   Disco Fever 2
   The Sixties 100 Classic Hits, Volume 2
   Only Soul 1970-1974
   More Instrumental Gems of the '60s
   Siglo 21: Version 3
   The Best of Classical Favorites, Volume 1
   Montreal Jazz Fest 97 Compilation
   Naciones Celtas III
   The All Time Greatest Rock Songs
   The Prestige Legacy, Volume 1: Miles, Monk, Sonny and Trane
   Rock On: 1978
   Con Amore: Passion & Meditation
   The Sylvan and Oceanic Delights of Posilipo / New London Consort - Philip Picket
   Barber, Grainger, Satie
   Little Walter & Otis Rush: Blues Masters
   Singles Old, Volume 1
   Marmalade Boy Best Album
   Only Rock 'n' Roll 1970-1974 #1 Radio Hits
   Highlights from the Great Operas (The Three Tenors)
   Chart Toppers: Romantic Hits of the 70s
   The Original Stars of Bluegrass Music
   Salsa y mucho mas
   Top of the Pops
   Moments to Remember
   The Baroque Experience, Volume 2 (Academy of Ancient Music, feat. conductor: Christopher Hogwood)

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