Downhome Gospel Live, Volume 2: Too Close to Heaven

#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone 3:09
2 Just Closer Walk to Thee 2:36
3 I'm Too Close to Heaven 5:01
4 Me and Jesus 2:45
5 What a Friend We Have in Jesus 4:52
6 That's Heaven to Me 3:54
7 When the Gates Swing Open 4:37
8 Wade in the Water 5:12
9 Sermonette / Free at Last 8:04
10 Resting Easy 4:26
11 Working on the Building 2:27
12 I've Already Been to the Water 9:57
13 The Way We Used to Have Church in My Home Town / Take Me to the Water 3:29
Total time 60:29

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