The Cornshucker's Frolic, Volume 2: Downhome Music and Entertainment From the American Countryside
   The Real Complete Jewish Kids Party
   Pioneers of the Jazz Guitar
   The Voice of the Blues: Bottleneck Guitar Masterpieces
   Festival of the Andes
   Gershwin Rarities: The 1953-1954 Walden Sessions
   Jazz That Cooks
   Jackson Blues 1928-1938
   Bomb Hip Hop Compilation
   Relapse Sampler 1999
   How Can I Keep From Singing, Volume 2: Early American Religious Music and Song
   Emusic: Awesome 80's II - The Covers
   Lonesome Road Blues: 15 Years In The Mississippi Delta: 1926-1941
   Sounds of Science Fiction
   Presidential Picks: The Millennium's Best Of The Blues
   25 Years On The Edge: A Benefit For Outside In
   Don't Leave Me Here: The Blues of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana 1927-1932
   World in Motion
   Spectrum Ale: Micro-Brewed Musical Artistry
   When I Was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West, Volume 1
   Get It Through Your Thick Skull
   Times Ain't Like They Used to Be: Early American Rural Music, Volume 4
   Emerald Gems
   The Female of the Species
   Loose Change
   D&B: Drum & Bass
   New York Underground! Hardcore and Beyond, Volume 1
   Corporate Death: A Relapse Multi Death Compilation
   I Can't Be Satisfied: Early American Blues Singers, Volume 1: Country
   Connect The Dots: Music 4 All Cities
   The Half Ain't Never Been Told, Volume 2
   Contemporary Global Voices
   Hook Recordings: The Collection
   Going Away Blues: 1926-1935
   In the Tradition
   Torch Bearers: A Compilation of 11 Club Culture Vanguards
   When I Was a Cowboy: Early American Songs of the West, Volume 2
   Live at the 1990 Concord Jazz Festival: 2nd Set
   Relix's Best of Truck Driving Songs
   The Half Ain't Never Been Told, Volume 1
   The Suburbans
   Db Jams, Volume 2: Xtremely Low Bass
   Kickin' Some Brass
   In the Tradition
   Muleskinner Live: Original Television Soundtrack
   What A Bam Bam!: Dancehall Queens
   The Punk Mob
   Dead Delites, Volume 1
   Country Blues Bottleneck Guitar Classics
   Equal Vision Sampler
   USAC Bass: 'SPL Shootout'
   Celtic Love Songs
   The Electronica Trance Zone
   Your Quartet Favorites
   Noise Pop Compilation
   Every Woman's Blues: The Best of the New Generation
   Dead Delites, Volume 2
   Guitar Wizards 1926-1935
   Yes / World
   Roots of Rock
   Christine Lavin Presents: Laugh Tracks: Two Evenings of Music & Madness, Live at the Bottom Line, Volume 2
   Wispering (The Mantovani Orchestra)
   Fiesta Picante: The Latin Jazz Party Collection
   AIR Gospel Presents Quartet Legends
   I Know What Boys Like
   The Great Gospel Men: 27 Classic Performances By The Greatest Gospel Men
   Dead Delites, Volume 3
   Mississippi Masters: Early American Blues Classics
   Jazz the World Forgot, Volume 1
   Ska Down Her Way: Women of Ska, Volume 2
   Cool Cuts of House
   Fujitsu-Concord 25th Jazz Festival
   Sunday Sampler
   Global Village
   Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Celtic Women, Volume Two
   Dead Delites, Volume 4
   The Music of Kentucky: Early American Rural Classics 1927-1937, Volume 2
   Welcome to Skannecticut
   Boycott Radical Records
   A Celtic Tapestry
   Ultra Swank: Cacophone Sampler 1999
   A Jazzy Christmas
   Sunday Sampler II
   Subterranean Hitz, Volume 1
   All God's Sons and Daughters: Chicago's Gospel Legends
   Opción Sónica 3
   Memphis Masters: Early American Blues Classics 1927-1934
   The Co-Conspirators, Volume 1
   Red Star Records: Songs of the Naked City
   The Cornshucker's Frolic, Volume 1: Downhome Music and Entertainment From the American Countryside
   How to Be Punk, Volume 1
   Gospel's Greatest Artists
   The Dawning of Pure Evil: 5 Years of Necropolis Records
   The Music Never Stopped: Roots of the Grateful Dead
   Opción Sónica 4
   The Georgia Blues: 1927-1933
   What's the Word, Volume 1
   Bomb Worldwide: International Rap Compilation

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