Zucchero-Zu & Co(italia)

#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Dune Mosse (with Miles Davis) 5:47
2 Muoio Per Te (with Sting) 3:26
3 Indaco dagli occhi del cielo 4:04
4 Il grande baboomba 3:21
5 Like The Sun (with Macy Gray) 3:59
6 Baila Morena (with Mana) 4:09
7 Ali d'oro 4:57
8 Blue (with Sheryl Crow) 4:51
9 Pure Love (with Dolores O'Riordan) 3:31
10 A Wonderful World (with Eric Clapton) 4:38
11 Pippo - Nasty Guy (with Tom Jones) 3:56
12 Hey Man - Sing A Song (with B.B. King) 4:40
13 The Flight (with Ronan Keating) 4:51
14 Cosi Celeste (with Cheb Mami) 4:45
15 Diavolo In Me - A Devil In Me (with Solomon Burke) 4:03
16 Senza Una Donna - Without A Woman (with Paul Young) 4:34
17 Il Mare... (with Brian May) 8:13
18 Miserere (with Luciano Pavarotti & Andrea Bocelli) 4:15
Total time 77:39

Did you know?

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