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dts    by Various, 2222
DTS 5.1    by ZZ Top
DTS 5.1 Audio [Sampler CD]    by Sweedish Radio, 2006
DTS 传奇之声    by 龚玥, 2010
DTS 情挑膽心 絕色女聲    by 群星, 2010
DTS 月光的声音    by 小月, 2010
Dts Cd Collection 1    by Clyfw, 2006
Dts Cd Collection 2    by Clyfw, 2006
DTS ES 正品 HIFI一号店CD1    by 群星, 2014
DTS ES 正品 HIFI一号店CD2    by 群星, 2014
DTS ES 正品 HIFI极品女声    by 群星, 2014
   by , 2007
DTS 高原情    by 群星, 2011
DTS 黄金十年    by 任芳, 2007
DTS Music Demo and Set-Up Disc    by dts Digital Surround
DTS Music Demo and Set-Up Disc    by dts Digital Surround, 1996
DTS Sample (Dolby Digital 5.1)    by Various
DTS Test Streams for DVD Players v2.2    by DTS, 2003
   by Various
   by Various
DTS-723-2    by Various
dts-cd    by , 2005
DTS-CD    by , 2005
   by Various, 2007
   by Various, 2005
   by Various, 2005
   by , 2004
DTS《国乐》    by 群星, 2010
DTS不老的金曲    by 八只眼组合, 2010
DTS人声典范    by 汤唯, 2010
DTS八度空间    by 群星, 2007
DTS勿忘我    by 石海英, 2005
DTS千愁记旧情    by 陶培力, 2010
DTS国乐醉筝    by 段银莹, 2011
DTS坚牌音响试音天碟    by 群星, 2012
DTS声色仙境1    by 群星, 2008
DTS声色仙境2    by 群星, 2008
DTS声色仙境3    by 群星, 2008
DTS好歌17首    by 群星 周玉军QQ, 2009
DTS宋娜《藏香》    by 宋娜, 2007
DTS情歌伴舞 精装版CD1    by 群星, 2000
DTS情歌伴舞 精装版CD1    by 群星, 2000
DTS情歌伴舞 精装版CD2    by 群星, 2000
DTS情歌伴舞 精装版CD2    by 群星, 2000
DTS情话    by 晓花, 2011
DTS敖包的美丽    by 老牛, 2008
DTS新天上人间    by 刘紫玲, 2011
DTS测试极品Ⅰ    by 群星, 2010
DTS测试极品Ⅱ    by 群星, 2010
DTS测试极品Ⅳ    by 群星, 2011
DTS煽韵    by 黄绮珊、江智民、乔维怡、凌澜, 2010
DTS王者天下    by 群星, 2010
DTS琴牵美人吟    by 段银莹, 2010
DTS草原之月    by 乌兰托娅, 2011
DTS蒙古天籁    by 莫尔根, 2008
DTS试音碟    by 群星, 1995
DTS金色呼唤    by 罗海英, 2009
DTS魔音    by DTS魔音, 2007
DTS黄金十年    by 任芳 周玉军QQ, 2007
DTS黄金十年    by 任芳, 2006
DTS龙腔飘过30年    by 龙飘飘, 2008
   by Various
   by , 2006

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