Artists • VUE

Artist with the following albums: "Down For Whatever", "Babies are for Petting", "The Death of a Girl", etc...

Vuela Palomita
Artist with "Agua Dulce" album

Vuelo 19
Artist with "Siguiendo La Pista" album

Vuelo 605
Artist with "22 incompleto" album

Vuelo de Condores
Artist with "KARAL" album

Vuelo Madrugada
Artist with the following albums: "The Very Best of Pan Pipes", "The Very Best of Pan Pipes (Disc 2)"

Vuelta Abajo
Artist with "Entre amigos (X Aniversario)" album

Vuelta Canela
Artist with "Viaje al compas" album

VUELVE - Ricky Martin
Artist with "VUELVE - Ricky Martin" album

Artist with "Arturo Giraldo" album

Artist with the following albums: "18 GRANDES BOLEROS (CD-1)", "18 GRANDES BOLEROS (CD-2)"

Artist with "Jinete Galactico" album

Artist with the following albums: "In Expectancy of the Monumantal Awe", "In Expectancy of the Monumental Awe"

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