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Artist with the following albums: "A Cult Revived", "The Sigil", "Non-worthless Idols To Worship"

Vuokko Hovatta
Artist with the following albums: "", "Liaani", ""

Vuola, Kari - Paschen organ of Kerava church, Finland
Artist with "Brahms - Complete Organ Works" album

Artist with "a Part of us will never leave this place" album

Vuosaaren ala-asteen 6C
Artist with "" album

Vuosaari Junior Big Band
Artist with "VJ Big Band" album

Artist with "Muistoja 50-luvulta" album

Vuosituhannen Lasten Hitit
Artist with "" album

Vuosituhannen Musiikkiaarteet
Artist with the following albums: "Kotimaan tunnelmia", ""

Artist with "Music for..." album

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