Pan Sonic


1994    Panasonic EP
1995    Four Tracks From the Album "Vakio"
1995    Vakio
1996    Osasto EP
1997    Kulma
1998    Medal
1999    A
1999    Rude Mechanic
1999    B
1999    X
2001    Motorlab #3
2001    Live in London 1995
2001    Aaltopiiri
2004    Kesto (234.48:4)
2007    Katodivaihe
2008    Kuvaputki
2009    "Shall I Download a Blackhole and Offer It to You": Live in Berlin 15.11.2007
2010    Gravitoni
2010    In the Studio

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Pan Sonic   
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Pan Sonic & Haino Keiji   
Pan Sonic & Hayley Newman & David Crawforth   
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Pan Sonic. Haino Keiji   
Pan Sonic & Charlemagne Palestine   
Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic   
Pan Sonic & Alan Vega   
Pan Sonic & Graham Lewis   
Pan Sonic with 灰野敬二   

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