BBC Sound Effects Library, Volume 32: Greece

CD 1
#    Title    Time    Info  
1 Ambience, Greece, Fish Market, Ierapetra, E. Crete Covered, Fairly Echoey With Chat, Footsteps, Bangs and Crashes Ice Machine Switched Again 0:00
2 Ambience, Greece, Fish Market, Ierapetra, E. Crete Bustle and Chat Also Distant Radio and Traffic, Some Children, Till Noise and Telephone 0:00
3 Ambience, Greece, Clothing Market, Aghios Nicolaus, E. Crete Open With Stallholders Shouts Otherwise Fairly Muted Distant Traffic 0:00
4 Ambience, Greece, Street, Heraklion Heavy Traffic, Motorbikes, Car Horns and Lorries Etc. – Also Footsteps and Voices Very Busy. 0:00
5 Ambience, Greece, Street, Ierapetra Quiet With Footsteps and Chat; Also Crying Child and Occasional Motorbikes and Car Horns Street Vendor 0:00
6 Ambience, Greece, Traffic During Election Rally, Heraklion Very Heavy Traffic, Car Horns and Hooters Also Shouting and Sirens 0:00
7 Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Sitia, E. Crete Men Only, Chat (Quite Animated) Chinks of Cups and Coffee Machine Same Scene 0:00
8 Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Heraklion Very Busy With Lots of Clinks and 'Expresso' Machine Same Scene Same Scene 0:00
9 Ambience, Greece, Cafe, Ierapetra, Outside, Heavy Traffic, Chat and Clinks Also Vendor Van Could Use as a General Town Atmosphere. 0:00
10 Ambience, Greece, Hardware Store, Heraklion Chat, Clinks, Till Noise, Parcels Being Wrapped Up, Distant Traffic 0:00
11 Ambience, Greece, Amusement Arcade, Sitia, E. Crete Machine Noise, Clunks From Table Football, Shouts 0:00
12 Ambience, Greece, School Playground, Aghia Gallini, S. Crete Very Noisy, Shouting and Playing, Distant Traffic Bell Rings and They Go In 0:00
13 Ambience, Greece, Port, Heraklion Cars and Lorries Loaded Onto Ferry Rec. From Shore, Doors Shut, Pa Announcement on Board, Ferry Leaves Ferry Blo 0:00
14 Ambience, Greece, Windmill, Lassithi Plateau, E. Crete Creaks of Windmill and Sound of Water Being Pumped Into Tank 0:00
15 Ambience, Greece, Crickets and Other Insects, Lassithi Plateau, Midday 0:00
16 Ambience, Greece, Birds (Chaffinches) And Insects, Lassithi Plateau, Midday 0:00
17 Ambience, Greece, Goats With Bells, Lassithi Plateau, Also Goatherd Shouting and Dog Barking and Insects and Birds 0:00
Total time 0:00

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