Blue Öyster Cult


   2006-02-09: Denny's Bar & Banquet, Edinboro, PA, USA
   1973-10-08: Cleveland, OH
   1976-09-20: Palace Theater, Albany, NY, USA
   1972-04-03: Nugget's Pizza Parlor, Rochester, NY, USA
   1988-11-04: Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA, USA
   1973-12-31: Academy of Music, New York City, NY, USA
   1977-12-30: Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, USA
   A Long Day's Night Live
   1984-02-14: Captured Live, RKO Radio, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK
   1981-12-15: The Country Club, Reseda, CA, USA
   2008-11-16: Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant, Hoboken, NJ, USA (Sonic Studios DSM6 source)
   Extended Versions: The Encore Collection
   2004-07-17: Fish Day, Port Washington, WI, USA
   1993-03-16: Sun Studios Concert Club, Palm Springs, CA, USA
   2002-08-17: The E.J. Nutter Center Lawn, Wright State University, Fairborn, OH, USA
   1989-01-03: New Haven, CT, USA
   The Best Of
   1997-01-26: Monticello Ballroom, Longview, WA, USA
   Tales of the Psychic Wars
   2004-05-08: Main Stage, Richardson Wildflower Festival, Richardson, TX, USA
   1980-09-08: Beast from The Old Waldorf: The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USA
   2008-11-16: Maxwell's Bar & Restaurant, Hoboken, NJ, USA (Sony D8 source)
   2004-07-11: Bechtold Park, Deerpark, OH, USA
   Shooting Shark - The Best Of
   1993-07-31: Pennant Lounge, Philadelphia, PA, USA
   1975-07-xx: Live in the West 1975
   2004-05-28: St. Louis, MO, USA
   1993-03-18: Redondo Beach, CA, USA
   Then and Now
   1989-04-28: Night Moves, Memphis, TN, USA
   2005-01-29: The Chance Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
   2002-11-01: Promo West Pavillion, Columbus, OH, USA
   1986-03-27: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, USA
   Blue Oyster Cult - The Singles Collection
   2005-07-09: New Philadelphia, OH, USA
1972    Blue Öyster Cult
1973    Tyranny and Mutation
1974    Secret Treaties
1975    On Your Feet or on Your Knees
1976    Agents of Fortune
1977    Spectres
1978    Some Enchanted Evening
1978    (Don't Fear) The Reaper
1979    Mirrors
1979    Mirrors
1980    Cultösaurus Erectus
1981    Fire of Unknown Origin
1982    Extraterrestrial Live
1983    The Revölution by Night
1983    Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Öyster Cult
1985    Club Ninja
1988    Imaginos
1988    Astronomy
1990    Career of Evil: The Metal Years
1990    On Flame With Rock and Roll
1991    Live 1976
1992    The Reaper: Best
1992    Nail You Down
1994    Cult Classic
1995    Workshop of the Telescopes
1996    Revisited
1998    Heaven Forbid
1998    Don't Fear the Reaper
1999    Blue Öyster Cult / Tyranny & Mutation
2001    Curse of the Hidden Mirror
2002    A Long Day's Night
2003    The Essential Blue Öyster Cult
2004    Super Hits
2008    R.U. Ready 2 Rock: The Best of BÖC I
2009    R.U. Ready 2 Rock: The Best of BÖC II

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