Hot Chocolate


   Star Collection
   The Hot Chocolate Collection
   Never Pretend
   Girl Crazy: Original Hit Recordings
   Hot Chocolate
   The Best Of
   Platinum (The Best of)
   Hot Chocolate
   The Rest of the Best of Hot Chocolate
   Essential Collection
   A's, B's & Rarities
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   It Started With a Kiss
1970    Love Is Life
1971    You Could've Been a Lady
1971    I Believe (In Love)
1972    Mary-Anne
1972    You'll Always Be a Friend
1973    Brother Louie
1973    Rumours
1974    Cicero Park
1974    Disco Queen
1974    Changing World
1974    Cheri Baby
1974    Emma
1975    Hot Chocolate
1975    A Child's Prayer
1975    You Sexy Thing
1975    Blue Night
1976    Heaven Is in the Back Seat of My Cadillac
1976    Man to Man
1976    Don't Stop It Now
1976    Man to Man
1976    XIV Greatest Hits
1977    Put Your Love in Me
1977    So You Win Again
1978    Every 1's a Winner
1978    I'll Put You Together Again
1978    Every 1's a Winner
1979    Mindless Boogie
1979    Going Through the Motions
1979    Going Through the Motions
1980    Class
1980    Love Me to Sleep
1980    Are You Getting Enough of What Makes You Happy?
1980    No Doubt About It
1981    Losing You
1981    You'll Never Be So Wrong
1982    Chances
1982    It Started With a Kiss
1982    Girl Crazy
1982    Mystery
1983    What Kinda Boy You're Lookin' For (Girl)
1983    Tears on the Telephone
1983    I'm Sorry
1984    I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)
1986    Heartache No. 9
1987    The Very Best of Hot Chocolate
1989    20 Hottest Hits
1993    Their Greatest Hits
1995    Greatest Hits, Volume Two
1997    Every 1's a Winner: The Very Best of Hot Chocolate
1998    Original Gold
2000    Best of the 70's: Hot Chocolate
2001    More Greatest Hits
2009    Hottest Hits

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members    Errol Brown
Harvey Hinsley
Larry Ferguson
Patrick Olive
Tony Connor
Tony Wilson (bassist/songwriter, member of Hot Chocolate)



Hot Chocolate