The Cure


   MTV Unplugged
   1981-07-27: Los Angeles, CA, USA
   Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc
   Slashed With Lipstick
   Unplugged and More
   The Complete B-Side Collection 1987-1992
   2001-11-23: La Scene, Paris, France
   1990-07-06: Never Enough: Leysin, Switzerland
   1986-06-21: Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Glastonbury, UK
   Alternative Rarities 1988-1989
   Stained Glass Smile
   1984-11-15: Cold: Washington, DC, USA
   2001-10-26: Le Reservoir, Paris, France
   Razor Rare, Volume 2: Remixes
   1981-06-03: Metropol, Berlin, Germany
   1981-07-05: Werchter Rock Festival, Belgium
   The Funeral Party Now Began: Australia, 1980
   The Robert Smith Interviews, Volume 2
   The Swing Tour '96 Barcelona
   Full Moon Concert
   Imaginary Songs
   1984-05-30: Maaspoort, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
   2002-07-13: Zillo Festival
   The Peel Sessions (1979-05-16)
   2006-04-01: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
   Carnage Visors / Curiosity Anomalies
   Early Symptoms: The Demos
   Digging in the Dirt
   Inbetween Days
   1984-10-17: Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
   2002-07-20: Les Vieilles Charrues, France
   The Peel Sessions (1980-03-10)
   2002-11-09: Color Line Arena, Hamburg, Germany
   Carnage Dream
   1991-01-24: MTV Unplugged, MTV Studios, London, UK
   2000-02-03: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
   Strange Attraction
   Rarities and Demos
   The Peel Sessions (1981-01-15)
   These Flowers Will Always Die
   The Kissing Tour 1987
   Razor Rare, Volume 9: Live
   Happy Halloween NYC
   The Peel Sessions (1982-01-04)
   Bite the Big Apple
   The Complete B-Side Collection 1979-1989
   Ultratraxx presents The Cure: The Ultratraxx Remixe
   2004-06-23: Milan, Italy
   The Peel Sessions (1985-08-07)
   The 1985 European Tour
   À l’Olympia, Paris 7.6.1982
   1996-05-07: Get Wild: Live in London: Adrenaline Village, London, UK
   Best Of
   1988: Sweet Torture: Santa Barbara, CA, USA
   The Dark Trilogy Concert
   Razor Rare, Volume 1: Remixes
   Play for Radio
   2000-02-25: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
   A Walk With the Cure
   We Hate Rock 'n Roll
   Killer Cure
   Interview CD: Lips That Speak…
   The Cure in Orange
   Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me B-Sides
   2005-08-20: Taormina, Italy
   Intimately - Live Acoustic Paris La Scène (23-11-2001)
1978    Killing an Arab
1979    Jumping Someone Else’s Train
1979    Grinding Halt
1979    Three Imaginary Boys
1979    Boys Don’t Cry
1980    Seventeen Seconds
1980    Boys Don’t Cry
1980    A Forest
1981    Faith
1981    Happily Ever After
1981    Charlotte Sometimes
1981    Primary
1982    Pornography
1982    Let’s Go to Bed
1982    A Single
1983    The Lovecats
1983    The Walk
1983    Japanese Whispers
1984    Concert: The Cure Live
1984    The Caterpillar
1984    Concert: The Cure Live / Curiosity: Cure Anomalies 1977-1984
1984    The Top
1985    Arabian Dream
1985    Close to Me
1985    In Between Days
1985    Half an Octopuss
1985    A Night Like This
1985    The Head on the Door
1986    Standing on a Beach: The Singles
1986    Boys Don’t Cry
1987    Catch
1987    Why Can't I Be You?

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