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   Greatest Hits
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1964    Show Me Girl / I Know Why
1964    I'm Into Something Good
1964    Introducing Herman's Hermits
1965    Just a Little Bit Better / Sea Cruise
1965    Wonderful World / (I Gotta) Dream On
1965    Herman's Hermits On Tour
1965    Silhouettes
1965    A Must to Avoid / The Man With the Cigar
1965    Wonderful World
1966    Dandy / No Milk Today
1966    Hold On!
1966    No Milk Today
1966    Both Sides of Herman's Hermits
1967    Blaze
1967    Don't Go Out Into the Rain (You're Going to Melt) / Moonshine Man
1967    There's a Kind of Hush All Over the World
1967    There's a Kind of Hush
1967    I Can Take or Leave Your Loving / Marcel's
1968    Something's Happening / The Most Beautiful Thing in My Life
1968    Sunshine Girl / Nobody Needs to Know
1968    Sleepy Joe / Just One Girl
1969    My Sentimental Friend / My Lady
1969    Here Comes the Star / It's Alright Now
1970    Years May Come, Years May Go / Smile Please
1970    Bet Yer Life I Do
1970    Lady Barbara
1971    The Most of Herman's Hermits
1984    I'm Into Something Good / Silhouettes
1991    The Best of the EMI Years, Volume 1: 1964-1966
1993    Gold
1995    Original Hits
1997    The Very Best of Herman's Hermits
1998    Herman's Hermits
1999    The Best of Herman's Hermits
2001    All The Hits Plus More
2001    The Best of
2002    The Hermhits
2002    No Milk Today
2004    Best of the 60's: Herman's Hermits
2004    Retrospective
2005    The Very Best of Herman's Hermits
2006    Their Greatest Hits

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members    Derek Leckenby
Keith Hopwood
Peter Noone (UK singer/songwriter member of Herman's Hermits)



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