Marc Almond


   A Virgin's Tale, Volume 1
   Ruby Red
   Live in Concert
   Treasure Box
   Singles 1984-1987
   Marie France et Marc Almond
   The End of New York
1982    Discipline
1984    The Boy Who Came Back
1984    You Have
1984    Vermin in Ermine
1985    The House Is Haunted (By the Echo of Your Last Goodbye)
1985    I Feel Love
1985    Stories of Johnny
1986    Violent Silence
1986    A Woman's Story
1987    Mother Fist
1987    Pink Culture
1987    Melancholy Rose
1987    Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters
1988    Tears Run Rings
1988    Bitter Sweet
1988    The Stars We Are
1989    Only the Moment
1989    Jacques
1989    Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (feat. Gene Pitney)
1990    Waifs & Strays
1990    The Desperate Hours
1990    Enchanted
1990    A Lover Spurned
1991    Memorabilia: The Singles
1991    My Hand Over My Heart
1991    Tenement Symphony
1991    Jacky
1992    The Days of Pearly Spencer
1992    My Hand Over My Heart
1993    12 Years of Tears: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Edited Highlights)
1993    What Makes a Man a Man
1993    Absinthe: The French Album
1995    Adored and Explored
1995    Child Star
1995    The Idol
1996    Fantastic Star
1996    Out There / Brilliant Creatures
1996    Out There
1997    Violent Silence / Flesh Volcano
1997    Slut / Flesh Volcano
1998    Violent Silence / A Woman's Story
1998    A Virgin's Tale, Volume II
1998    Slut
1999    Open All Night
1999    Tragedy EP
2000    Live at the Union Chapel
2001    Stranger Things
2002    Little Rough Rhinestones, Volume 1
2002    The Willing Sinner
2003    In Session Volume One
2003    Heart on Snow
2006    Little Rough Rhinestones, Volume 2
2007    Stardom Road
2008    In Bluegate Fields: Live at Wilton's Music Hall
2008    Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover
2009    Orpheus in Exile
2009    Marc in Soho - Live at the London Palladium Soho Jazz Festival 1986
2010    Varieté
2011    Feasting with Panthers

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performs as    Raoul Revere (guest vocal alias used by Marc Almond)
member of    Marc and the Mambas
Soft Cell
The Flesh Volcano



Marc Almond   
Marc Almond and Friends   
Marc Almond & Trash Palace   
Marc Almond & Foetus   
P.J. Proby & Marc Almond   
Marc Almond & Gene Pitney   
System F feat. Marc Almond   
Rosenstolz feat. Marc Almond   
Rosenstolz + Marc Almond   
Rosenstolz + Marc Almond + Nina Hagen   
Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore   
Sex Gang Children + Marc Almond   
Bronski Beat & Marc Almond   
Soft Cell / Marc Almond   
Marc Almond with   
Marc Almond feat. Gene Pitney   
Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra feat. Marc Almond   
Sally Timms & Marc Almond   
Marie France & Marc Almond   
Rosenstolz & Marc Almond   
The 6ths & Marc Almond   
The 6ths feat. Marc Almond   
King Roc ft. Marc Almond   
Current 93 feat. Marc Almond   
Richard Grey feat. Marc Almond   
Gene Pitney feat. Marc Almond   
Bronski Beat feat. Marc Almond   
Andi Sex Gang with Marc Almond   
Andi Sex Gang & Marc Almond   
Marc Almond and Gene Pitney   
Bronski Beat medley with Marc Almond   
Current 93 (vocals: Marc Almond)   
Mekon feat. Marc Almond   
Rosenstolz feat. Marc Almond & Nina Hagen   
Marc Almond & Soft Cell   
Marie et Marc   
Marie France avec Marc