PJ Harvey


   2001-06-30: The Green Stage, Roskilde Festival, Denmark
   1999: John Peel BBC
   Forestglade 2001
   2004-10-01: BBC 4, London, UK
   2001-02-26: L'Olympia, Paris, France
   Strychnine Ballroom (live at Louse Point)
   1998-09-14: Black Session #129: Paris, France
   La Route du Rock
   2001-01-28: Big Day Out: Royal Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
   Black Monsoon
   Stories From Winter
   Pretty in Pink
   Forestglade Queenie
   1995-05-18: Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA
   2000-10-26: Coal Exchange, Cardiff, UK
   Blue Girl
   The Secret Solo Show
   B-Sides & Collaborations
   Love Me, Polly
   Glastonbury 2004
   Jungle Queen
1991    Dress
1992    Sheela-Na-Gig
1992    Dry
1993    Man-Size
1993    50ft Queenie
1993    Europe 1993
1993    Rid of Me
1993    Build Me a Woman
1993    4-Track Demos
1995    To Bring You My Love
1995    Down by the Water
1995    The B Sides
1995    C'Mon Billy
1995    Send His Love to Me
1996    Dance Hall at Louse Point
1996    That Was My Veil
1996    My Life
1998    A Perfect Day Elise
1998    Is This Desire?
1998    Desire Road
1999    The Wind
2000    Good Fortune
2000    Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea
2001    A Place Called Home
2001    This Is Love / You Said Something
2004    B-Sides
2004    The Letter
2004    Uh Huh Her
2004    iTunes Originals: PJ Harvey
2004    Shame
2004    You Come Through
2006    The Peel Sessions: 1991-2004
2007    The Piano
2007    White Chalk
2007    When Under Ether
2008    The Devil
2009    A Woman a Man Walked By
2009    Black Hearted Love
2011    The Glorious Land
2011    iTunes Session
2011    Let England Shake
2011    The Words That Maketh Murder

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involved with    Nick Cave
member of    The Desert Sessions



PJ Harvey   
Polly Jean Harvey & Eric Drew Feldman   
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey   
PJ Harvey & John Parish   
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds & PJ Harvey   
Björk & PJ Harvey   
Björk feat. PJ Harvey   
PJ Harvey & Gordon Gano   
Nick Cave & PJ Harvey   
Nick Cave & Shane MacGowan & Kylie Minogue & PJ Harvey & Anita Lane   
John Parish & PJ Harvey   
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds feat. PJ Harvey   
PJ Harvey & Björk   
PJ Harvey feat. Thom Yorke