Alan Vega


1980    Alan Vega
1981    Collision Drive
1983    Saturn Strip
1989    Jukebox Babe / Collision Drive
1991    Power On to Zero Hour
1993    New Raceion
1995    Deuce Avenue
1995    Dujang Prang
1996    Cubist Blues
1998    Endless
1998    Medal
2005    Resurrection River
2007    Station

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member of    Suicide (US electronic protopunk musical duo)
The Sisterhood (The Sisters of Mercy side-project)



Alan Vega   
Silver Apples & Alan Vega   
Alan Vega, Alex Chilton and Ben Vaughn   
Vainio Väisänen Vega   
DJ Hell & Alan Vega   
Alan Vega & Oneida   
Pan Sonic & Alan Vega