Market Street: A Live Compilation
   Battlecade: Extreme Fighting
   Absolute Artistry
   Between the Rails: America's Train Songs
   The Human Expression & Other Psychedlic Groups
   Metalmeister, Volume 2
   Burns From the Valley of the Sun
   Super Soul Legends, Volume 3
   Emusic: Awesome 80's
   Vertical Iris
   Drums in the Jungle
   A Man in Love: Classic Soul Jewelry 2
   American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances
   Cicadelic 60's, Volume 6
   Metalmeister, Volume 3
   Ridin' West, Volume One
   Super Soul Legends, Volume 2
   Three Centuries of the Greatest Hits
   The Best of Scotland in Music and Songs
   Phrenetic Drums
   ReRooted: Beatz From Da Ground Up
   A Change Is Gonna Come: Modern Gospel Jewelry
   Bubbling Brown Sugar (1977 original London cast)
   Tales From the Darkside: The Movie
   Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 2
   GoodNoise Compilations Number One Hits (1970-1974)
   Chicago Piano
   Original Ska: All the Hits
   Southern Slam
   Future Sunrise
   Cleaning House
   In the Shadow of Chi-Lights: The Chicago-Twinight Soul Story
   Rikky and Pete
   Rockin' 50s & 60s
   Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 4
   Number One Hits (1965-1969)
   Johnny Shines and Robert Lockwood
   Funky Breakz 2 (DJ X)
   Hukilau Hulas
   Dub 'N' Bass: A Tripomatic Jazz Experience
   Bass War One: Nu Jungle Groove
   Downhome Gospel Live, Volume 2: Too Close to Heaven
   Blasta! The Irish Traditonal Music Special
   Blues Is Killin' Me
   Jazz Moods: Tranquility
   Greatest of the World's Great Composers, Volume 2
   Super Soul Blues, Volume III
   Dubterreanean-Roots and Beyond
   Steve Masters Presents: A Trip Back to the 80's
   Land of Rave
   Hardstep Tunes: Destructive Drum 'N' Bass
   Boston Hardcore 89-91
   Chairman of the Board
   Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 2
   Jazz Moods: Brazillian Romance
   Only The Strong MCMXCIII
   Chicago Blues Harmonicas
   E=wMC2000: The Equation For Quantum Groove Theory
   Songs for the Jet Set, Volume 2
   The X-Ray Party Zone: The Dancefloor Guide
   Jazz on a Summer's Day
   Southern Prison Blues
   Jewel Spotlights the Blues, Volume 1
   Jazz Moods: Latin Romance
   Victory Singles Volume III
   Super Soul Blues, Volume I
   In Your Ear, Volume Two: Scores!
   We Had The Beat!
   B-Town Sampler
   Big Bands of the Swinging Years
   Classic Blues, Volume 1
   The Concord Jazz Heritage Series: The Sampler
   Victory Singles, Volume I
   The Moscow Sessions, Volume 3 (Moscow Philharmonic)
   Great Romantic Piano Sonatas
   History of Texas Garage Bands in the 60's, Volume 4: West Texas Rarities
   Hardtrance Insanity: The Spirit Of Trance & Acid
   Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Volume 1
   The Concord Jazz Heritage Series: The Sampler
   Swing Dance Big Band Party, Volume 1
   Southern Soul Volume One
   Roadkill, Volume 2
   Prime Cuts
   Movie Luv
   History of Texas Garage Bands in the 60's, Volume 3: The AOK Record Story
   Pravda Records: 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
   Motor City's Burnin'
   Spike's Choice: The Desco Funk 45' Collection
   Super Blues Legends, Volume 2
   Eclectic Electric
   Roadkill, Volume 1
   Up Close, Volume 8
   John Cate's House of Blues Americana Showcase
   What? Stuff
   Battle of the Bands Live!
   This Is Our Music: A Pravda Compilation
   Super Blues Legends, Volume 1
   Emusic: The Extreme Collection

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